First of all, what kind of table is this? Briefly put, the changing table dresser is a productive and streamlined, as well as, multifunctional and very decorative workbench if you will, for busy moms and dads. For them, the main business of the day, and depending on how young the baby is, for the better part of their day (and night) is that of changing diapers. If things are being done in a rush in a cramped and awkward space, this could be quite a messy affair.

But not when you are utilizing this changing table dresser. There is no mess and no fuss once you place your young and small child comfortably atop the dresser. Speaking of which, this is a comfortable station upon which you can dress your baby for the day. And you can even place the tiny infant’s portable and lightweight bathtub on top of the dresser. So, as a multifunctional changing table dresser, you can now see that this is a table not just for what would have been the messy business of changing the baby’s diapers.

The dresser has been built up. It comes up to a comfortable waist height for most average sized moms and dads. But it’s particularly good for those tall dads who always had to struggle and crouch before. And now mature moms and grand moms no longer need to struggle and bend their knees in order to reach the baby’s critical areas better. The dresser encourages good organization through and through.

There are at least three spacious drawers beneath the table top. The top drawer can slide open easily enough and all diapers, powders and lotions are within easy reach. There is even space for a small change of clothing and fresh and clean cotton cleaning rags for a quick and hygienic wash. Cotton is recommended. It is a comfort to the baby’s delicate skin. The very bottom drawer can be used to store away baby sized blankets.

changing table dresser

An open shelf is at the very bottom of the table dresser. This can be used to store the baby’s clean bath or any other appurtenances not suitable or small enough to be packed away in one of those drawers. Finally, this functional furniture unit is an attractive investment in more ways than one. It is a decorative piece of furniture that enhances the décor of the nursery.