About Fridge Freezers

Storage and preservation of cooked food and food stuff for extended periods are vital necessities of the modern society. When the lifestyles underwent changes and families found that it is difficult to shop-hop daily, it became imperative to make it a weekly or monthly exercise. Naturally retaining the freshness of food for many days becomes necessary. Emergence of such a situation forced people to acquire not only a refrigerator but also a freezer attached to it. Conventional refrigerators will have small freezer compartments but to preserve large quantities of food stuff and beverages, freezers with spacious interiors are required. The answer to this problem is a home appliance called fridge freezer with both facilities.

American style fridge freezer is the right product that suits modern families refrigerator repair los angeles. Both refrigerator and deep freezer integrated into a single composite entity is not only convenient but economical to maintain also. To make the system viable in the context of energy shortage experienced in many countries, it is designed to work with minimum energy consumption. They now come with energy labels indicating the level of energy consumption. These freezers are provided with fast freeze option. There are two types of fridge freezers widely used namely chest type and upright type. Those who want to stock large quantities of items for longer periods, can prefer chest type models. It is the upright model that is generally chosen for domestic purposes.

As there are possibilities of frequent opening and closing the doors, domestic types will consume more energy. Again, there are two patterns of arrangements in this freezers. In some models both fridge and freezer compartments are placed one upon another (Freezer on the top) and in the second model both facilities are paced side by side. Even though it is a composite system, both compartments are equipped with different compressors and thermostats as their temperature levels are to be maintained at different levels. The refrigerator requires temperature level above freezing point and freezer obviously requires below freezing point. The system is designed in such a way to prevent the circulating air from each of the above compartments mix together. Any accidental leakage will result in excess consumption of energy due to the additional burden imposed on the compressor to maintain the required level of temperature in the freezer. Ultimately it will cause irreparable damage to the system even though such an eventuality is very remote.

Users will have to keep a close watch on the working of the system. Frequent opening of the doors should be avoided. It should be installed in a well ventilated room allowing the system to breathe fresh air and to exhaust hot air. Equally important is that the fridge or freezer should not be over stocked to make the interiors cramped. There should be enough space in between different items kept inside, for cold air to circulate around. It is also advisable not to leave too much unutilized space. Choosing the right size of the facility is a pre-condition for shoppers to ensure durability of the product.

This freezer will have long life span if it is maintained properly. There is a misconception among many consumers that this appliance needs absolutely no maintenance. It is featured with auto defrost and adjustable thermostat to make the system work without human monitoring. However it is to be understood that no appliance or equipment is free from unexpected breakdowns despite the adoption of innovative technologies. Consumers can never free themselves from the responsibilities of watching the performances of expensive devices.


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