Did you know that casinos use many different types of dice for their games? If you are a fan of these style games and have been to several casinos, this information may not be anything new for you to learn. Even still, many people are unaware of this fact. When you start playing dice online at gambling sites like idice, you will now pay attention to the dice style that is being used!

Solid: The solid dice is one that features white dots with no other color, design, or alteration. Most of the casinos out there use the solid dice.

Bullseye: The Bullseye dice features white dots that have centers that resemble the bullseye. It is pretty easy to spot this style of dice when it is spotted.

Ring Eye: The Ring Eye dart style is also another that you will see on some of the dice used in casinos. This is a style that is similar to the Bull’s Eye but features only a singular eye in the middle so it doesn’t appear to be a bullseye.


Intricate: The intricate dice style is also less commonly used than many of the other styles of dice that is out there. This style features a swivel circle with an open end in the middle of the white dot.

The dice used in casinos all point to the right and have the symbols facing the same side. Many of the dice that are now used in casinos have serial numbers imprinted on them. The serial numbers come in handy for the casinos in many ways. This method of identifying the dice has been used in many casinos since the 1970s.

The design of the dice is not an issue of importance for most people. Instead, it is the chance to win money that intrigues them now, although one must admit that it is nice to have these fun casino details in your arsenal of information! Now the next step is to find the idice site of your choice and let the good times roll!